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The 4th is the Force

Control Saucer
AREA: Unknown
OBJECTIVE: Control Saucer


The brutalest God of Destruction encountered by mankind in Virtual Century. Taking the form of VR, it appeared without its true nature being made clear. At the end of VC9f, there were also records about its appearance inside the 4th Plant of the Earth. From then on, there was no official sighting records for a while, but as the war situation of Mars front intensifies, many sighting reports were issued near the crystal mining sites. Being an entity sealed in some way, upon the activation of Mars Crystals it somehow leaked into the real space-time continuum. Whether it is a mirage or not is still under speculation.

Also, Jaguarandi is different from other VRs - it wasn't something developed by the existing plants. Because of this, there are no official names for its armanments. The temporary names showing below are just for the convinience of identification among those who encountered with Jaguarandi.

CW TFC Eraser
TFC Eraser
TFC Eraser

8 powerful spread lasers. The irradiation time is now longer, and you cannot stand between the gaps 'coz they now sweep across!

RW BusterR

How about Temjin's big 2 with the homing and damage like Myzr's homing beam! When you're hit, you get knocked down.

LW BusterL

Slow homing, bouncing plasma bomb. When you get hit, all your projectile weapons will be disabled for a certain time.


Jag is not only bigger, it is also more agile and it now has powerful infight capabilities. All of its CC moves will blow you away and knock you down, but you can minimise the damage by guarding against them.

If you defeated Jaguarandi, you and your partner will be transferred to the Jovian system through an interplantery warp gate for your next battles. Good luck pilot!

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