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The 4th is the Force
Temjin 707s

"At the Mars front, something wrong is happening...!"

The omen was never paid any heeds

There was a time when terraforming prevailed
Along with the abandon of the endeavour
The memories of the distant planet
Faded away as a fantasy

Virtual Century VCa8

The discovery of Mars Crystal
Changes everything

The once forgotten red planet
As the stage where dashing Virtuaroids stir up the turmoil
Awakens from the darkness of history
And the stagnant flow of time being disturbed

Before long the series of confrontations
Reached a point which they called the "Jupiter Succession War"
It became an important turning point
Which determined the destiny of mankind from then on

From now on, you won't be alone.

Force logo

New century.
Ultimate WxW, the prologue

In "Force" the appearing VRs are generally known as the 3rd generation VRs. The war at Mars' battle front is strongly affected by "Mars Crystals" present on Mars. Since the activity of the V.Converters mounted on the VRs is greatly reduced by the interfering effect of Mars Crystals, the 2nd generation VRs are unable to achieve full performance.1 Therefore, there is a mutual feature among the 3rd generation VRs: the implantation of a limiter circuit to reduce the influence of the Mars Crystals to a minimum.

1 Among the 2nd generation VRs, MBV-707 "Temjin" which is equipped with "Mind Booster", is the only exception which has relatively good performance on Mars.

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