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A couple months ago, I was lucky enough to have a taste of Marz' beta. Before I even had time to write up a review, I got the Hong Kong release two days ago.

If you did not have great expectations, Marz is actually quite playable. I was a little disappointed at the variations available, but dramatic mode has more elements than I thought and I took longer time to explore it. Like everyone said, it would have been a great game with link play. But for now, split screen versus with 30fps will perhaps quench the thirst of many VO fans like myself.

Look out for the Marz page to expand, and please excuse the messy Force page while it's being wrapped up.

Apharmd J typeG license card


My oh my. It's almost a year since the last update... how could that happen!? ONE YEAR.

With Marz coming out, VO maniacs much be eager to know more about the missing link of the official stories. Behold! Here comes the long-awaited English version of Fragmentary Passage. Michael actually completed the translation of first episode at the end of last year, but I have not been able to handle the post-production...

My sincere apologies go to those who had been e-mailing me about the PC patch. The file corruption cannot be resolved (yes, all my available copies) and I regret to inform you that I have to remove the link for the time being. There is still a hope that I might be able to rescue a copy of the file from my first ever laptop, but I will need to find a suitable power adaptor for that which is going to be tough.

Anyway, fellow pilots, let me reassure you that VOmania! will go on for many years to come. If you are still reading this, I already cannot thank you more for your loyal support. Materials are too much and life is a rush. Do bear with me and you will see more minor updates this year.

Long live VO! p(^_^)9

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